Storage Solutions

Our product range includes state-of-the-art storage solutions with a modern modular European design, for a wide range of products. Our storage solutions provide effective storage through maximum storage capacity with optimal floor utilization. We are perfect partner for your special storage solutions. We are the right choice for the responsible and busy supply chain manager who believes in safety, reliability, cost effectiveness solution and optimum space utilization.

Storage Solutions Services

• Design of racking systems
• Supply of various racking systems with powder coating finish
• Installation and commissioning supervision
• Consultancy of storage solutions (material handling equipment, pallet etc.) for increased throughput

Storage Solutions Engineering & Manufacturing Standards

storage solutions uses prime quality high tensile steel from reputed steel mills as raw material which ensures guaranteed strength and rigidity of the system. The minimum yield strength of these plates is 345 Mpa. Every batch of material used is tested in our in-house quality testing lab. Products are manufactured within narrow tolerances and with automatic welding to ensure constant high quality. The surface finish can be powder coating, painting or galvanizing, as per requirements.

A safe structure is the most important aspect of any storage system. A failure during pallet handling is a real possibility in a manually-operated warehouse. Safety is the hallmark of every stage of project execution. Our designs and products are based on European FEM norms which provide maximum stability to the structure, minimizing the chances of collapse. Load-bearing capacity is further ensured by us in-house functionality and load -testing facility.


As one of the premier manufacturers of storage systems, we strives to provide unparalleled expertise and personalized service to our clients while providing the most competitive pricing. We specialize in Warehousing, Distribution, Archive & Records Storage, Grocery & Beverage Distribution, Retail, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing.

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