SMARTDEK® 51 Structural Decking System is an innovative high strength zinc-coated steel decking system designed for use in the construction of composite floor slabs. It is specifically developed for the Indian Construction Industry and is one of the most economical structural steel decking in the country. SMARTDEK® 51 system complements the profiles, which is a premium range of roofing and wall cladding solutions. The high quality SMARTDEK® 51 Structural Decking System reinforces the principles of trust and reliability that Tata BlueScope Building Products represents.

SMARTDEK® 51 is suitable for typical applications as it provides widest cover per weight of steel and also minimises the requirement for reinforcement. It acts as a permanent formwork for a composite concrete slab, which in its assembled state can be used as a working platform as well as a formwork to support wet concrete, construction materials and trades. When the concrete hardens, it acts as the bottom tensile reinforcement. SMARTDEK® 51 system is a complete structural steel decking system for concrete, masonry and steel frame construction and has an exceptional composite performance.

Designed to Perfection

SMARTDEK® 51 Structural Decking System is an innovative “W” profile structural steel decking system. It brings greater economy and design freedom as it is precision engineered and provides ease of use as well as safety. SMARTDEK® 51 system has excellent spanning capacities that ensure greater strength and less deflection.

SMARTDEK® 51 panel has a rib depth of 51 mm and provides an effective cover width of 960 mm as shown in the figure 1.1. Embossments on top of the flange provide excellent mechanical interlocking between steel and concrete. In the assembled state, the profile comprises of intermediate male and female ribs for every interlocking side-lap joint.

SMARTDEK® 51 Section Properties

Benefits of SMARTDEK® 51 System

Smart Software

Excel based SMARTDEK® 51 software and MEGAFLOOR structural decking software for the design of composite slabs with SMARTDEK® 51 profile will be available to assist engineers and consultants in deriving an optimal solution. SMARTDEK® 51 software should be used in conjunction with the SMARTDEK® 51 design manual.

Smart Construction

SMARTDEK® 51 system provides a safe working platform that is fast and easy to set up and therefore minimises multi-storey construction time. Faster construction time allows optimisation on construction schedule delivering faster value to the developers.

Smart Application

Besides its application in composite floors in multi-storey buildings and commercial establishments, it is extensively used for Mezzanine applications. Corrosion resistant coating makes it the best solution for typical applications like parking sheds, where SMARTDEK® 51 system provides better appearance to exposed ceilings.


Material Specifications

SMARTDEK® 51 panel is manufactured from hot dipped zinc coated high strength steel with minimum 550 MPa yield strength and coating mass of Z275 (min 275g/m2 total of zinc coating on both sides). The available thickness ranges from 0.70 mm to 1.2 mm BMT (Base Metal Thickness). The steel conforms to AS1397 and BS EN 10147:2000.

Tested to Extreme Conditions

SMARTDEK® 51 panels have been subjected to rigorous tests such as slip block test, formwork tests including shear and bearing, full scale slab test, composite slab cycle test, fire rating test, formwork-air pressure test, formwork-four point load test and concentrated load test.

Quality Assurance

SMARTDEK® 51 steel sheets comply with major Indian standards and design standards adopted across Asia. Manufactured using high tensile steel, it is optimally configured and uses advanced design and construction method.

Connection Details

SMARTDEK® fixing detail: The accessories are added as per design requirement

End details-Flush Type: Standard end closure detail adopted for steel frame structure

End details - Option 1: Details adopted for cantilever end projections

End details-Option 2: Alternate details for structures where projections are necessary

Butt joint details: Standard joint detail for continuous casting of slab

Temporary support details (If required): SMARTDEK® 51 profile spans longer than conventional system where possibility of temporary support is less. Please refer to SMARTDEK® 51 Design & Construction Manual for details.

Corner details: The ends are closed to make sure the concrete slurry takes the required shape quickly

Concrete fixing details: The casting of beam & slab is done simultaneously. This saves time and brings economy.

Fire Details

Option 1

Option 2

Sequence of Construction

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